Crop Circles

Little Crop Circles® replace outdated garden plots. These little Round Gardens® grow twice the vegetables in half the space using just one cup of water per day.

Crop Circle®


Create a round herb garden growing a few favorites like basil, mint, oregano and dill. Herbs are particularly productive in a Little Crop Circle due in part to the under canopy coolness created by the lush foliage.

garden rounds
Crop Circle®


All types of greens grow especially well in a Little Crop Circle. Grow spinach in one and lettuce in the other. Continual harvesting will give you greens all year from the same planting. Imagine how different types of kale could create a multi-level storehouse of goodness.

round lettuce
Crop Circle®


Skip every second plant opening and grow bush type cherry tomatoes or skip every third opening and grow bush beefsteaks. Determinate plants suited for containers grow exceptionally well out producing even the largest garden containers by comparison.

round tomatoes
Crop Circle®


A single Crop Circle growing peppers matches the production of a 20 feet garden row in just 4 feet of space. A timed nutrient supply ensures maximum production and quality. Expect to harvest over 200 bell peppers from just one Little Crop Circle.

round peppers
Crop Circle®


Bush beans love to grow in circles. It takes just a few weeks to cover the entire Crop Circle with plants. Under canopy watering encourages flowering and bean set. One Little Crop Circle can grow hundreds of beans.

bean garden

Little Crop Circles

The “old fashioned” way to grow vine plants uses too much space and water. The “hill” method requires a large garden plot and is difficult to water. The “trench” method requires less space but is much harder to irrigate. The new way to grow vine crops is with Crop Circles®. Just one cup of water per day irrigates 12 plants.

Crop Circle®


The circular design of the Little Crop Circle spreads cucumber plants rapidly from the center to form a beautiful star-shaped creation that will be both stunning and productive.

garden crop circles
Crop Circle®


Growing a traditional “pumpkin patch” can be challenging due to fertilizer, space and watering requirements. The size and quality of Little Crop Circle pumpkins are due to our patented feed & water system.

crop circle pumpkins
Crop Circle®


Watermelon, without a doubt the hardest melon to grow thrives in a Little Crop Circle. Vines layer one on top of another to create a 2 foot thick layer of leaf and flower, producing hundreds of melons.

garden crop circles

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